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The difference between Canadians and Americans

In all the Americas ours is the only country that did not separate violently from its European parents… If this lack of revolutionary passion has given us a reasonably tranquil history, it has also, no doubt, contributed to our well-know lack of daring. It is almost a Canadian axiom that we would rather be safe than sorry; alas, we are sometimes sorry that we are so safe.

Pierre Burton
Preface to Klondike: The Last Great Gold Rush

Opinions?  Let’s hear from some Canadians.

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  1. I think that statement applies very broadly around the world now. We have all become wimps compared to what even our grandparents did. For most people, life, jobs and travel all get softer and softer. Most current definitions of “adventure” would be considered laughable a century ago. My life in a cabin with no running water for 7 years (by choice!!) used to be the norm, and now people think that you must be very poor, or are just warped 🙂

    • corrieparks

       /  May 22, 2012

      That’s an astute observation. We’ve taken a lot of the “unknowns” out of the world. I have a pretty good idea of what the Chilkoot Trail will be like, from reading other people’s blogs, looking at pictures etc. Mr. Banker-turned-Prospector from New York City had no such luxury when he decided to go Klondike or Bust! Amazing that over 100,000 people had the guts to even give it a go, with only their own assumptions to guide them. Judging from the number of people that turned around and went home without even looking for gold, I bet there would not have been quite so many “adventurous souls” if they had know what the trail was really going to be like!