Klondike Letters Project

Translating experience into memory through inspired creation.

Day 12 – a day of 3 lakes

Day 12
6 July
Beautiful Bennett

I will never forget my first view of Lake Bennett. After a hot, buggy 4 miles with a heavy pack, I duck down a spur trail to a rocky overlook and there she is – the perfect picture of Canadian mountains lining a shining lake graces with sun. All the colors of wildness – purples, blues and greens with accents of rust and ochre. Such an inviting place.


I am done drawing for the day. I had my fill of artmaking in the morning exploration down a secret trail from Bare Loon to Lake Lindeman. In the perfect stillness of Bare Loon, all the hikers having hurried off to catch a train and a bowl of stew, I read and lunched and had a nap until it felt like time to go. I realize I am emotionally drained from this journey. It is time for a sabbath. There is always more art to make- always another page to fill in the sketchbook. Always one more person to talk to on the record.


However, Bennett is a beautiful place to end. The lake erases my hot and sweaty journey in an instant. I chase a canoe up the river for a “magic hour” photo. I share my sketchbook with Dane and my watercolors with Maria, the girl allergic to everything but art. Father and daughter play hide and seek around the shelter. We talk about movies and fairies and spirit dogs and horses. I keep my peanut butter in the bag, but sneak some chocolate (how can an 11 year-old girl be allergic to chocolate?) And still the lake is massively beautiful. 2 gulls harass a bald eagle perched on a pine. The best defence is a good offence. And now, bed!

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