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Month: June, 2016

Happy Birthday Klondike-Goldrush!

Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park turns 40! There was some celebrating today at the visitor’s center.

Before the Artist's Talk

Before the Artist’s Talk


After the Artist's Talk

After the Artist’s Talk

The trail journal returns.

Trail Journal - 28 June, 2016

A beautiful day for a flight to Skagway. The glaciers were in fine form, as was the Lynn Canal. There will be a week of wedding hoopla before I hit the trail. My sister, a ranger for Klondike-Goldrush National Historic Park, is getting married, which is as good an excuse as any to return to Skagway and the Chilkoot Trail!

On the flight to Juneau, I reread all my trail journal entries from the 2012 residency. Back then, I was a mountain girl from Montana and Alaska was just an extension of my home environment. Now I’m a city-girl from Baltimore, and I have a feeling I will see the trail with new eyes.

Upcoming Artist’s Talk in Skagway

If you are in Skagway this week, come see some films and postcards from the journey 4 years ago!

Klondike Letters

***CHANGE OF VENUE*** Come to the Skagway Visitor Center at 7pm for the 40th Anniversary celebrations of Klondike-Goldrush. Cake and Artist’s Talk to follow soon after.

Return to the Trail

This summer I’ll be back on the Chilkoot Trail from July 5-9!  I’m excited to revisit my memories 4 years later and see how the trail has changed and how it has remained unchanged. Even more, I am looking forward to meeting new travelers and maybe even running into some ghosts from the past.

While I will only be on the trail for 5 days this time (a much faster pace than my 2 week journey in 2012), the Klondike Letters Project will continue all summer with postcards at the top of the pass. If you are hiking at any point this summer, be sure to stop for a moment and record a memory for your future self. What will you put in this space?