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Day 1 – Dyea to Sheep Camp

Day 1 - Dyea to Sheep Camp

Postcard from the trail

5 July, 2016

14+ miles! The trail is drier his time around. No wet feet and dive bombing bugs either. The little green things still grow but seem a little crispier and many of the flowers I remember from last time have already faded. In their place are ripening berries, oblong ones that hang under leaves and turn from white to deep burgundy, tasting like watermelon. And sour blueberries, that tempt only the bears. Judging from the fresh scat in the middle of the trail, they have been feasting.

Golden Stairs
Golden Stairs
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Without an overnight at Canyon City, Sheep Camp is far away. My joints are a bit more worn and unconditioned for such a pounding, but my pack it lighter and i have company! Thom makes me sit on a rock step in the middle of the trail and take off my boots for a 5 minute foot rub that is heavenly – and gets me the last 4 miles of up and down. Plus he brought Tostitos! We arrive late after most of the camp is in bed and find our cozy spot in the thick undergrowth. Erica has left me some tastily items in her food box at the ranger station so we have our own feast on Indian curry before sleep overtakes us.

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