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Month: April, 2017

Der Goldgräber-Spirit

Yo Buddy! Heute bist du vor genau einem Jahr den Chilkoot hochgedüst, remember? Nebelig wars und trotzdem schön. Der Goldgräber-Spirit war hautnah spürbar. Generell habt ihr eide, Luci und du, festgestellt, dass ihr echt viel geschafft und erlebt habt bisher in Kanada-Chapeau! In 8 Wochen gehts retour: schade aber auch schön. Wie gefällt dir Passau? Alles gut und nen schönen Sommer.

Two Family, Two Friend Adventure

This was the culmination of a 2 family and 2 friends adventure. We drove through beautiful BC to the Yukon and down to Skagway. The White Pass was so beautiful it brought tears down to my eyes. The Chilkoot Trail has been an amazing journey so far? Mud, rain, and slippery rocks, but also yummy rehydrated meals and 35 jelly beans per person per day!! The kids played “guess who made that noise.” They hooted and hollered to keep the beans away. Everyone is happy to be at the top of the pass. Yeah, Canada!

Laughs, Sweats, and Smiles

Hi future me!

It’s Thursday August 18, 2016 and we’re (Keenan and parents) at the summit. 4 hours (ish) to get up…following Keenan’s farts the whole way up…phew stinky! But future me, do remember the fun trip (#9) with laughs, sweat and smiles 🙂 On to happy camp! Hi ho!

Mushroom Colony

I will remember the colony of mushrooms of all shapes and sizes I passed by along the way.

For the Children

I summited at 11:17 AM on 8/9/16, with 4 fabulous, strong, resilient women! I feel amazing!

Owen, Isla, and Finn –

When you read this postcard, know that your mother does this crazy stuff to help you learn to be big and strong!



Keep Warm Gloves At Hand

Keep warm gloves at hand…

We Walk Into The Wild

  • Heavy backpack
  • First time hiking for that long
  • lovely weather
  • “We Walk Into The Wild”

Growth and Sunny Days

A beautiful season on the trail ~ so much growth and sunny days.

Just had a heart-filled visit with Aric at Sheep Camp and slept in the new wall tent, surrounded by re-purposed timber. New history there. I am off to Lindeman today and then home.

Thank you Chilkoot Trail for another sweet hike and season!


The skyline dances as I stare in wonder atop the mountain.

Birthday Adventure