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Month: May, 2017

Bucket List

Bucket List: Climb the Golden Stairs

It was a beautiful sunny day with a light breeze. We could not have asked for better!

Hurray for friends who shared this experience. 🙂


Climbing the Golden Stairs…

Many different choices and different routes, but it will eventually reach the same destination.


Training Wheels Off

Dear Matthew…Well Future Matthew,

Hopefully the hike brings clarity to what I want from life whether that’s adventure, or a family, or more schooling. Regardless, I hope to spend this next year as happy as possible figuring out who I am. Time to take the training wheels off!

Good luck!

-Current Matthew (July 2016)

It’s The Journey

At no time or place in recorded history did so many people voluntarily subject themselves to so much agony and misery and death and glory than those twenty to thirty thousand who crossed the Chilkoot Pass on their way to the Klondike Gold Fields in 1897-’98.Completing the trail and pass with my friend Jim Reid.

It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.

Bring the Bucket

Always remember to bring the bucket.


Climbing up the rocky face of the pass – hand over foot, moments where the weight of my pack almost pulls me back down – then reaching the summit, where the sweeping vista suddenly opens up to display sun – dotted peak and glinting lakes. Magic. And our own willpower and strong bodies got us here. What a gift!

You’ll Be There With Me

Wherever I go, you’ll be there with me.

Best Girl Scout Trip Ever

I can only see about 50 yards in this fog, but I imagine it’s beautiful!

Best Girl Scout Trip Ever!