Klondike Letters Project

Translating experience into memory through inspired creation.

Month: June, 2017

Cold, Long, and Wet

It was a cold, long, and wet hike up the mountain with many false summits, but somehow I made it on top of the world.

No More Chilkoot

Dear Self –

Next time your dear friend, Martha, says – “Hey, let’s hike the Chilkoot!” Know that that is her code word for Whitehorse? Tell everyone – “Chilkoot” – pack your backpacks and then detour to White horse! Don’t tell anyone! We loved the Chilkoot the first time – we were okay with the second time – we were ok with it the 2nd time – but we promised no matter how old we get – NO MORE CHILKOOT! Martha is 65 right now and I’m 63! It kicked our butts.

Little Mountain Goat

Foggy, but dry.

Got by Chikutey by my side. Greeted with warm H2O. Yay! Alpine! Glad to have committed the time and money to walk this museum.

Climbed the pass speedy like a little mountain goat!

Beautiful Mountains

Dear Future Jordan,

Today was the perfect weather for climbing up to the summit. We left camp at 6am and made it to the top by 9am. It was nice to not hike in the hot sun. The mountains are beautiful! There are patches of snow that have divots like golf balls. The breeze is light and crisp. God had blessed us with such an amazing world to live and play in.


Jordan, 25(1/2)