Klondike Letters Project

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Month: July, 2017

A Team Backpacking Trip

First but not last, team backpacking trip!

Thank you so much for making me come on this trip! Why do I love you? Because you make me do things and I think you’re awesome! You are killin’ it!

P.S. Mama Bear you are a power-house!

The Truth Is…


You will probably remember this trip as beautiful and amazing, but the truth is that it was hard and scary! So what can you learn from that? Sometimes the most ridiculously awful things can also be the most beautiful!?!

Hope Now and in the Future

The Summit: 5:30am – 6:30am, 7/08/2016 – With hiking partner “Bear” 15lbs. Poodle mix, and not a troublesome quality does he possess. His spirit buoyed spirits of all he met, including my own…

This is my 34th northbound hike of the Chilkoot Trail, and each time I anticipated my first glimpse of the interior I have, shared this one thing with perhaps all travelers.”Hope” must be common to all who have stood here, and it ranges from a promise of downhill terrain, to vast riches in the hands of many. Perhaps all had hope for the future! I like that thought…

Today my own, lies in the hope, that the dramatic sunrise will stay with me through the 15 miles in the distance. Thousands of imagined voices will stay with me also on this portion, they always do…