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Photo Essay!

The winter edition of Mountain Outlaw Magazine just hit the stands here in Montana. If you manage to get your hands on a copy, turn to page 52. You might see someone you recognize – me! I’ve contributed a photo essay about my 2 weeks as Artist-in Residence on the Chilkoot Trail. It’s full of interesting historical facts and some of the artwork I created on the trail.

If you aren’t passing through Montana anytime soon, you can read the full article online here: Postcard from Chilkoot Pass  And you can flip through the entire magazine, an excellent read, at  explorebigsky.com

The Artist’s Journey in Big Sky Weekly

It’s always fun to see your name in print, and even better when you wrote the entire article. If you live near Big Sky, pick up a copy of the local Big Sky Weekly and turn to page 20. Hey! There’s Corrie!

For the rest of you, you can read my article on the Chilkoot Trail in the online version of the paper. http://www.explorebigsky.com/newspost/the-chilkoot-trail