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First to Arrive

Congrats!! 🙂

You were the first to arrive at the summit!

Ada, you have to make to come back for the 3rd time.

Good Times, Great Memories

Olivia and I made it 🙂

One step at a time is the key to our success. I’m so proud of our accomplishment! Awesome people, awesome trail! Good times with great memories.

One After Another

One false summit after another until you reach the top.

But you do! 🙂


Love, Courage, Adventure

Dear Future Tiffany –

You rock! You are halfway through your Pretirement (www.pretirement2016.com) and you just climbed up the golden stairs. What job do you have now? Can you remember how it feels to have made it up to the pass? It feels awesome! Keep being yourself. You are amazing.

Love, Courage, Adventure


Current Tiffany

Ps. I love you Cootie!

When Will You Visit?


I miss you dearly. I almost can’t survive without you. I think about you every day; I long for you every night….When will you visit? Write me back when this arrives.


Stay Happy

Yo Maya,

How’s it going? Right now, we are on the Chilkoot Trail. It’s been a crazy hike n stuff, but when you get this, girl you’re gonna be in the tenth grade, yo! That’s insane. Remember to stay happy 🙂

Also, if you have any questions about life, you can always ask me!


Maya Papaya (your main mamma jamma)

P.S. The Chilkoot is so cool!

Hard, But Not Too Hard

Yukon Trip 2016                                                    August 6,2016

At the pass – fog rolling by and cuddled in a warmed cabin. This trail has been hard, but Tombstone Park was harder.

Amazing Scenery

Great times and making memories with friends. A wonderful experience so far. Living the quiet summit shelter and a hot cup of coffee.

Amazing scenery.

Worth the Effort

Hey future Steph,

You just climbed  big-ass mountain! You killed it. Those squats have been paying off. By the time you read this you will be one year into another mountainous journey…school. Just remember to keep climbing – the view from the top is always worth the effort.



Look With New Eyes

The real journey is not about going to new places, but to look with new eyes.